My hijabs and online stores

Dear Sisters and those of you who struggle to find decent hijab stores,

So, I was looking at this golden brown hijab that I really liked and turns out it went out of stock from the Ramadhan collection. I was gutted and for some reason, I didn’t lose hope on that hijab, and what do you know? There was one left and back in stock. Let me tell you, it’s almost impossible for stock to mysteriously come back. I took it as a gift from God and ordered. 🤲✨

Check out this packaging it arrived like this and I was over the moon 🌝

These beautiful silk scarves are originally from Pakistan. I mean what better way to say ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ than to support Pakistan by buying from there. I always recommend you check where it’s from to avoid supporting a country that oppresses others. 👍

To see how the dark brown hijab looks like on me, you can check out my Twitter.

I have also ordered magnetic hijab pin from Etsy and it is very tricky to put on. I recommend you get a smaller one because it can be a pain to pull apart.

I have my eye on two stores out of the many and take this from someone who knows the feel and look of quality hijabs. My favourite two (UK) stores are Lamia Hijabs and Cherry Blossom Hijabs.

I mean…just look at the colours 🌸

As my hair is silky and some scarves have slipped off my head in real life. The story is that I was on my way to work and it was incredibly windy and I was crossing the road. This woodrose jersey hijab from Culture Hijab flew off and I caught it with my hand (luckily) and wrapped it back on.

Another time, I had a chiffon scarf on and it just fell down my head in a shopping centre. I had some funny looks from people and men that were surprised that I have hair underneath. Well duh… 😀

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

Khalil Gibran

Thanks Khalil, now I know why nature loves me ❤

Okay you can check my other posts and follow me to read about my experience with Haute Hijab underscarves. Yes, I spent a lot to get those underscarves tied around my hair to avoid exposure.

All for a good cause.



    1. Wslaam akhi. Thanks for reaching out. At the moment, I have just returned to social media and I am gaining momentum. I am interested in your aloe vera face creams. I can help you out insha Allah. 🙂


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