Overheard bus conversations…

I frequently overhear interesting conversations in day to day life. It keeps you aware about things, I suppose. Although it doesn’t give you the full story of what they’re talking about. It’s like snippets of a bigger story.

Today I had a lovely conversation with an old lady about her vegetarian grandson who is doing a PhD in psychology and her granddaughter who is a teacher. And how in her days there was a sadist teacher who used to bang the students heads together and enjoy beating students. I told her how it’s different now, because teachers would be held responsible for that.

Then I heard a conversation between two young lads and it went onto the topic about girls they knew; they referred to them as “the blonde one” or “the brunette one.” It’s how they identified the girl, by their hair colour.

I wonder how people can identify me with my changing hijab colours. Would I be “the Muslim girl with the scarf” as an identification point.

But I am glad that I wouldn’t be seen as “the brunette or the Asian one,” as anyone who wears the hijab is racially ambiguous, we could be any race.


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